Wiktor Szczypiński

Wiktor has over 17 years of experience in tax advisory services for major entities in the financial market. Wiktor spent 2004-2014 with the PwC Tax Department, developing the tax team responsible for serving insurance clients. He joined the tax boutique Incorpore Banach Szczypiński Partnerzy in 2015 and became Managing Partner there in 2017, only to consolidate the businesses with existing and new partners to create Ontilo in 2021 as the partner responsible for the development of services to the financial sector. He is a graduate in Finance and Banking from the Cracow University of Economics (now University of Economics) and Stockholm University.

Wiktor is a licensed tax advisor.

Aside from insurance companies, his main clients include banks, investment fund managers, pension fund managers and leasing companies. Outside the financial sector, Wiktor has advised major entities in the retail, food and construction industries.

In addition to many tax reviews and ongoing tax engagements, Wiktor’s track records includes international tax restructuring projects – including the creation of tax groups, transforming entities into foreign company branches, and numerous securitisation projects related to loans, leases and accounts receivable.

Wiktor has also been engaged on a number of fund-raising and liquidity management projects for clients.

Finally, he has hands-on experience in implementing or reviewing novel financial instruments.

Since passing the investment advisor exam in 2014, Wiktor has carried out numerous projects related to the valuation of companies, trademarks and financial instruments, as well as preparing financial models for clients.

He has written a number of articles and editorials in and has spoken to specialist publications, trade journals and business press.

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